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Strategic Planning, Assessment & Accreditation

Everyone matters.

I have always taken an active interest in the strategic planning process. I believe in the concept of "line of sight" - where everyone at an institution has an impact on the environment. Whereas some people think that they don't matter, I believe that everyone does. Whether you are responsible for painting classrooms or scheduling classes, you impact the experience that students have. It is a healthy process to create a unifying strategic plan that each part of the campus is involved with.

As for assessment and accreditation, both are of particular interest to me. I have been actively investigating different entities related to hospitality and tourism (including ACPHA and AACSB), and even paid my own way to attend the previous MSCHE (Middle States accreditation) conference in Washington, D.C. I lead our department's efforts for assessment, building it into everything we do. I believe assessment should be an ongoing process, not just done during review periods. As a result, I build our assessment goals into the syllabi and revisit them on a fairly consistent basis.