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Budgets, Facilities & Grants

Making the most of our resources.

I am what you describe as frugal. I didn't begin my career with big budgets, so I learned how to stretch resources and be very efficient with what we have. Even when I managed a program budget exceeding $1 million (not including staff and facilities lines) at St. John's – I was always looking for ways to save money. I would invest in resources rather than rent whenever possible. In every position I've had it's also been a goal of mine to find alternative funding sources. This has led to partnerships with a variety of brands, including Nike, JetBlue, and Verizon. When I produced major concerts, I worked with brands seeking to get exposure in front of college students. For other programs I would take the barter/entrepreneurial approach. I am very comfortable making “the ask” and getting companies to subsidize what we do. Some of my biggest events end up paying for themselves.

Grants are also a great way to secure funds for projects. I was fortunate to work with grants early in my career, and see their impact on a much bigger scale at Indiana State. I shadowed three cabinet members and worked on projects for the Facilities Management department that were grant-based. In addition to that experience, I teach facilities management as part of my program. At St. John's I oversaw three facilities; the student union, recreation center, and a theater. I was on the design team for the new student union and Carnesecca Arena renovation. I believe the physical environment is vital to students (and faculty/staff) being successful.