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Enrollment Management

Going beyond recruitment.

I am a big believer that every program or event is 49% recruitment. At SJC Brooklyn, I am doing everything I can to bring in new students. High school and 2yr students, their teachers and administrators – are all at the core of our planning. As a result I created events like HospiChallenge (hospitality Olympics), Airline Expo (airline careers), Art in a Bottle (marketing/design behind brands), Not So Scary Foods (alternate foods; insects, plant-based, etc.), and BlockVariable (blockchain innovation). These are recurring events that have grown since their inception. Not only do these programs bring great attention to our school, but they can also generate revenue. I have also developed and promoted bridge programs, as well as a camp concept for students interested in HTM.

A colleague in admissions once suggested that I bring in more high school students than her department. While it is certainly anecdotal, these types of programs did bring in over 800 potential students each of the last two years. That being said, I do not depend on Admissions to recruit students for my program. This translates into me spending time at high schools and 2yr colleges weekly, and finding other ways to bring them value. We complement the institution's marketing and recruitment efforts, working collaboratively to keep SJC “front of mind.”