Before I had my first 'virtual' on campus interview, I imagined the kinds of questions I might be asked. This led to me creating a script, recruiting friends and family to do voices, and creating the video below.

    The Whole Interview

    This is the full length simulated interview. The videos below break it up into smaller pieces.

    PART 1 - Search Committee

    Order: Leadership Style, Qualifications to be a Leader, Online Learning, Student Athletes, Handling Difficult Situations, Education in 10yrs

    PART 2 - Student Q&A

    Order: Extracurricular Activities, Successful Students, Field Trips, Internships & Jobs, Hospitalented & Programs, Student Support

    PART 3 - Faculty and Staff Q&A

    Order: Collaboration, Better Facilities, Hospitality & Tourism, Diversity & Inclusion, Ideas & Innovation, College Readiness, Industry Partners, CTE Partnerships, Community Service, Workforce Development

    PART 4 - Time with Search Chair

    Order: Role of Student Affairs, Experience with Business, Fraternities & Sororities, Colleague Descriptions, Philosophy of Study Abroad, Some of Your Strengths, Things to Improve Upon, Marketing Experience

    PART 5 - Teaching Module

    This a module that I deliver to students in Intro to Hospitality class focused on concierges.

    PART 6 - Research Presentation

    This is a segment of my research in Ghana entitled 'Respect for Tourism Jobs.'

    PART 7 - Wrap-up with Dr. Hall

    Order: Budgets and Facilities, Assessment, Accreditation & Strategic Planning, Faculty and Staff Oversight, Need from Supervisor, Closing Remarks