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Educational Support Services

Helping students goes beyond academics.

As the chair for my campus, I advise 20-25 students per year and teach 8-10 courses per year. This is a mixture of traditional and professional students. I also advise two student organizations. This means that I am having regular conversations with over a hundred students each semester, and interact with countless more. Some need general course assistance, while others need additional help navigating the academic experience. I'm fortunate to have counseling coursework in my background, as it has helped me guide students with not only academic concerns, but also personal challenges they may face. I have always worked with students related to learning disabilities, depression, bullying, psychosocial development issues. I am in regular contact with my colleagues on campus and am very comfortable having “the conversation.”


With students at various institutions I have always worked with testing/placement colleagues. I understand the dynamics of what is involved, and the facility/software needs that can be a challenge. For students facing other challenges, I work with colleagues and programs that provide tutoring and other support. This is especially helpful for my students that are ESL, making sure that they get what they need. As a note I create a number of videos for my students so that those with language challenges can watch them over and over. This can be very helpful.